Sunflower Seed Sheller for Sale


Sunflower seed sheller machine are our company's patented products. The equipment can achieve many functions, such as cleaning, de-hulling, removing shells, separating, re-separating, etc. The unhulled seeds will be returned to the huller for re-hulling again automatically, thus automation degree has been greatly improved. The equipment features compact structure, minimum space occupation, low damage of seeds and kernels, automatic feeding of unhulled seeds, easy operation and maintenance. It is well recognized to be one of the most optimum equipment for sunflower seeds cleaning, hulling and separating for both bakery kernels and confectionery kernels for kernel industry and oil industry in the world.
Sunflower Seed Sheller For Sale
Sunflower seed shelling  machine, seed peeling machine, seed dehulling machine is an integrated system which contains cleaning & de-hulling & separating & pneumatic transferring, has multi-functions of pre-cleaning, de-hulling, shell-kernels separating. Sunflower seeds de-huller can optimize your products and add your product value.
Features of Sunflower Seed Sheller Machine
1. Increases productivity
2. saves manpower
3. High shelling rate:98% 
4. low damage rate:2% 
5. Easy to operate, low noise, work stable
6. Promotes the raw peanut processing from family to industrial scale
Sunflower Seed Shelling Process

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