How to Correctly Operate Peanut Shelling Machine?


With the advancement of technology and economic development, more and more users are buying peanut shelling machines. However, due to the fact that many operators have not really grasped the correct use of peanut shelling machines, their proper performance has not been brought into full play. Out of it not only causes poor shelling quality, but also has low efficiency, which seriously affects its economic and social benefits. The correct use of peanut sheller is described below:
Peanut Shelling Machine
First of all, peanuts should be suitable with certain almount dryness and wetness. Too much dryness has a high breakage rate and too much wetness can affect work efficiency. The peanuts stored in rural areas are generally relatively dry. The following methods can be used to make them dry and wet:
1. If peanuts are husked in winter, shells should be sprayed with 50 kg of peanuts in about 10 kg of warm water before shelling, covered with plastic film for about 10 hours, and then dried in the sun for about 1 hour to start shelling. It takes only about 6 hours to cover it with plastic film in other seasons, and the rest is the same.
2. The dried peanuts can be immersed in a large pool. After dipping, they are immediately removed and covered with a plastic film for about one day. Then they are allowed to dry in the sun. After drying, the shells begin to dry.
3. Single-phase motor to work properly, the voltage must reach its rated voltage. In rural areas, there is usually only one transformer in a village, and the distribution of households is rather fragmented. In addition, the wires and circuits used are not very standard, resulting in insufficient voltage for users who are far away from the transformer. Therefore, the workplace should be chosen closer to the transformer.
Second, pay attention to the method of operation, as follows:
1. Before use, check whether the fasteners are tightly tightened, whether the rotating part is flexible, whether there is oil in each bearing, and whether the shelling machine is placed in a stable manner. Also check the power supply. The switch must be in the open position.
2. After the motor is started, the rotation of the rotor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the machine. Let idling for a few minutes first, observe abnormal sounds, and run it normally before feeding peanuts.
3. Peanuts should be uniform fed, amount, can not contain iron debris, stones and other debris, to prevent breaking peanuts and cause mechanical accidents. When the peanuts cover the screen side, you can open the outlet switch.
4. According to the size of peanuts use the appropriate screen.
5. When the number of peanut shells increases, the motor can be moved downwards to tighten the fan belt and increase the amount of blowing.
6, when operating, people do not stand on the belt drive side, so as not to hurt.
After using the peanut shelling machine, before storing the machine, remove dust, dirt, and debris from the inside of the clean mechanical surface. Then, clean the bearings of the various parts with diesel oil, dry them, and apply grease to the painted parts. To recoat the paint and dry the paint, cover the machine and store it in a dry warehouse. The belt should be removed and hung on the interior wall that is not exposed to the sun. So that you can use it correctly the next time you use it.

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