Customer's purchase of our machines is just the beginning of the interaction with our company and the beginning of the after-sales service department. During the entire period of the customer's use of the machine, all our after-sales service personnel are thoughtful, meticulous, dedicated and timely. This allows customers to use the equipment with ease and no worries, and can truly experience the convenience and value created by our shelling machines for customers.
It is hereby stated that our company is a lawful production and management company. We have a formal record in the Revenue and Industry Bureau of the Industry and Commerce Bureau and can issue formal VAT invoices and other formalities. Our company has many years of experience in production and processing, excellent product quality, perfect after-sales service, and sales network all over the world.
Pre-sale Service
1. Accept customer consultation, determine the scale of operations according to customer needs, and provide plant construction plans;
2. Provide customers with project design, process design, suggest suitable machine equipment purchase plan, timely provide relevant technical documents for customers; Design and manufacture products according to your special needs, and conduct preliminary design and construction for your training technical operators design.
Sales service:
1. The company sent technicians to the site to guide the equipment installation, commissioning site and training operators;
2. 24 hours a day telephone service, holiday service as usual.
After-sales service commitment:
1. Phone support: It refers to the customer seeking technical support and assistance by telephone or fax when the customer encounters difficult problems in the process of using the equipment or the equipment is in an abnormal state. After confirming the customer's service request, the company will arrange the technical personnel to help the demand side to locate the fault within a specified time (ie, response time) by telephone, and propose solutions to guide the customer to eliminate the equipment failure.
2. On-site support and failure recovery commitment: On-site support refers to customers seeking technical support and assistance by telephone or fax when they encounter difficult problems during equipment use or when the equipment is in an abnormal state. After the company confirms the customer's service request, if it can't diagnose and solve the fault phenomenon by telephone, it will immediately send technical personnel to the scene to handle it and finally solve it.
One-year warranty, life-long maintenance; 24 hours to receive technical advice, to provide customers with technical diagnosis; maintenance personnel quickly after the receipt of fault notification, troubleshooting; assist user equipment, mold update

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