Automatic Sunflower Seeds Sheller Machine Hemp Seed Huller for Sale

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Functions and Features of Sunflower Seed Sheller Machine
The sunflower seed processing machine adopts a unique double sheller setting and separate control of the sheller through variable frequency technology. The unique wind return system enables the unpeeled kernels to automatically enter the next shelling cycle, thereby greatly improving the shelling efficiency.
Sunflower Seed Sheller for Sale
The automatic sunflower seed sheller can complete the removal, dehulling, debarking, sorting and selection of sunflower seeds at one time, and is the first choice equipment for the sunflower seed processing industry in the world today. The unit has the characteristics of high shelling rate, small broken kernels, high degree of automation and easy operation and maintenance.
The sunflower seed huller machine is mainly composed of a hopper, a raw material hoist, a multi-functional trash removal machine, a bucket elevator, a double shelling machine host, a re-election machine (3 sets), a hopper, an air suction and returning system, and a centralized control cabinet.
How to Cracker Sunflower Seeds
Features of Automatic Sunflower Seed Shelling Machine
1. The multi-functional remover can remove impurities (such as stone, glass, scorpion, hair, etc.) in the raw materials;
2. The wind return system returns the unhulled raw material to the shelling machine and re-hulls again;
3. Adjusting the tilt angle of the screen body to achieve the ideal sorting effect;
4. Shelling machine adopts all-steel movement with 99% high-aluminum ceramic blades for enhanced shelling effect and service life;
5. The use of a screw unloader facilitates the collection of sunflower skins and reduces the generation of dust;
6. The application of fish scales can easily achieve the separation of seed kernels; the sieves are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is durable and durable;
7. The whole set of equipment is controlled centrally by the electric control cabinet, and the operation is simple and intuitive. The shelling machine adopts variable frequency design and can adjust the frequency of the shelling machine at any time according to the material conditions;
8. The vibration source of the whole set of sunflower seed processing equipment is in the form of a vibration motor. The installation of the equipment is easy and fast.

Technical Data

Main Parameters for Automatic Sunflower Seed Sheller for Sale
Equipment power: 13.1 kilowatts (380 volts)
Raw material handling capacity: 0.8-1.0 tons/hour
Whole kernel rate: ≥ 90% (half of the whole kernel is broken kernel)
Total amount of kernels in skin: ≤0.3%
The entire equipment covers an area of ​​13.7 meters*2.8 meters
Installation height: 3.55 meters
Equipment weight: 6 tons
Operator: 2 people 


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