Sunflower Seed Sheller to Poland


Sunflower Seed Sheller Poland

This sunflower seed sheller machine was sold to Poland. Now machine was just delivered to place of customers. Melon seeds by artificial feeding, first fall thick in the grid, using pattern plate rotating with arc gate squeezed between rolling force to spin out the sunflower seed shell and the kernel, sunflower seed kernel and shell after stripping premenstrual arc gate fell at the same time, through the air duct, by fan wind will blow out most of the sunflower seeds on the outside, and sunflower seeds benevolence by feeding hole.
Feeding---elevating--- cleaning---elevating by bucket elevator--- de-hulling----separating shells from seeds and kernels unhulled seeds, through 4 times separating sunflower kernels.
Packing for Sunflower Seed Sheller
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3.Timely delivery and ship organization
4.Guide how to use and daily maintenance
5.Provide a comprehensive range of after-sale service
6.Availability spare parts service and prompt dispatching

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