Importance Of Peanut Shelling Machines for Nuts Import and Export


Peanut is an important economic and oil crop not only in China, but also in the world. It is the world’s largest trading commodity in terms of nuts. Therefore, every year, as a major peanut producing country, there are countless products that need to be imported and exported. Peanut shelling machines remove peanuts shell, and then continue deep processing after shelling to extend the production industry belt.
Peanut Shelling Machines
The development of peanut production and processing, peanut shelling machine is an urgent need to improve our country's agricultural export earnings, increase farmers' income. Peanut sheller has played a positive role in reducing people's labor intensity and increasing productivity, and has promoted the development of the peanut processing industry. Because some foreign peanuts have relatively high threshing requirements, peanut shelling machines sometimes inevitably cause some peanuts to be damaged due to oversized machines. Therefore, we sometimes use peanut that are not very suitable for use. Peanut sheller is converted to the traditional method of manual processing. However, most of the products used as fuel do not require high specifications. Therefore, most of the peanut processing and further processing must rely on peanut shelling machines. There is no way to use artificial equipment to withstand mechanical equipment.

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