Automatic Sacha Inchi Nut Shelling Machine

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Detailed Description for Automatic Sacha Inchi Shelling Machine
This unit is a patented product of GELGOOG independent intellectual property rights and contains a number of national patents, and this production line can shell, peel, sort, and check the sacha inchi, and unshelled seeds can be automatically returned to the shelling machine for reshelling again until shelling clean, greatly improving the degree of automation.
Sacha Inchi Shelling Machine
The device has the characteristics of low energy consumption, compact structure, small footprint, low loss of seed kernels, high degree of automation, and easy operation and maintenance. It is the best equipment for shelling and sorting of sacha inchi in the world.
Features of Automatic Sacha Inchi Shelling Machine
1. Through the improvement of the original shelling machine, the shelling efficiency is higher and the broken rate of the kernel is lower;
2. The application of cyclic shelling, that is, the unhulled seeds automatically enters the next shelling cycle;
3. In the collection and treatment of skin, use vibratory negative pressure sorting instead of blowing the skin to reduce the dust.
4. Increase the screening process and screening area so that fully screen the kernel and reduce the crushing caused by kernel returning to the sheller.
5. It can shell different specifications of sacha inchi seeds by replacing the sorting sieve.
6. Compact structure, low loss, easy operation and maintenance

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