Commercial Pine Nut Cracker Shelling Machine Processing Equipment

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Pine nut shelling machine is a product developed by GELGOOG with independent intellectual property rights. It is an original technology. This set of equipment can achieve pine nuts grading, shelling, seed kernel sorting, skin kernel sorting, and unhulled kernels automatically returns to the sheller for re-shelling.
Commercial Pine Nut Shelling Machine
Shelling Pinciple of CommercialPine Nut Processing Equipment
The pine nut shelling machine adopts the combination of dynamic friction and collision to improve the shelling efficiency and reduce the crushing rate. The gap of the shelling machine roller can be adjusted according to the different material sizes, so as to increase the shell opening rate and reduce the rate of broken kernels. The separation of the skin is to separate pine nuts and pine nut skins with a positive pressure ratio repetitive peeling machine with excellent performance. The device is easy to use, highly automated, safe, reliable, beautiful and durable.
Parts of Automatic Pine Nut Shelling Machine
Grading part: Hopper, Hoist, Grading Screen
Shelling part: Upper feeding hopper, hoist, shelling machine, sorting screen, leaf spring conveyor screen (the different shelling host pine seed is also different)
Skin kernel separating part:Upper feeding hopper, Spiral Lift Hoist, Skin Kernel Sorter, Double Helix Hoist

Technical Data

Main Parameters of Pine Nut Shelling Machine
Power: 9.68KW (380V)
Classification unit raw material handling capacity: 800-1000 kg/h
Shelling and Sorting Unit Raw Material Handling Capacity: 150-180 kg/h
Whole kernel rate: ≥98%
Installation height: 3m
Total weight: 4.0t


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