Industrial Melon Seed Shelling Machine|Pumpkin Seeds Huller

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Functions and Features of Industrial Melon Seed Shelling Machine
The white melon seed shelling machine is a patented product researched and developed by GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd. It contains three national patents, and can achieve shelling, peeling, sorting, and selection of black and white melon seeds. It has compact structure, stable operation, energy saving, low loss, environmentally friendly, high product-to-nuclear rate, good skin nut separation effect, etc.
Melon Seed Shelling Machine
The melon seed shelling equipment uses wet shelling. Through the transformation of the existing shelling machine, the shelling efficiency is higher and the broken rate of the kernel is lower. The melon seed sheller machine uses cyclical shelling, that is, one unhulled grain can automatically enter the next shelling cycle; on the treatment of the shell, wind pressure is used to sort instead of blowing, which reduces the generation of dust. The equipment is equipped with a multi-component screening sieve section, and customers can process different specifications of white pumpkin seeds through simple replacement. The machine has a compact structure, low seed kernel loss, and easy operation and maintenance.
The automatic pumpkin seed shelling machine is mainly composed of a raw material hoist, a shelling machine, a vibration conveying wind separator, a vibration separator, and a centralized control cabinet.
Process Flow for Shelling Pumpkin Seed or Melon Seed
Feeding -- Lifting -- Grading -- Shelling -- Shell Seed Separating -- Seed Kernel Sorting -- Shelled Pumpkin Seed or Melon Seed(Unshelled seeds will enter the next shelling circle)
Pumpkin Seed Sheller
Pumpkin Seed Shelling Machine
Main Parameters of Automatic Pumpkin Seed Melon Seed Shelling Machine
Equipment power: 5.64Kw (3P380V)
Whole kernel rate: ≥95%
Kernel kernel content in the end of the machine: ≤3%
The amount of seed contained in the skin: ≤0.3%
Yield: White melon seed:150kg/h
Equipment area: 5.7 meters*1.7 meters
Installation height: 3.1 meters
Equipment weight: 2.4 tons
Operator: 2 people

The above is a detailed introduction to the supply of black and white melon seed shelling machine. The product is provided by Henan GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd. If you are interested in GELGOOG product information, you can contact the supplier or let the supplier take the initiative to contact you. You can also view more products related to the supply of melon seeds shellers.

Technical Data

Model GGHB150A
Customization Yes
Type Shelling Machine
Application Melon Seed, Pumpkin Seed
Condition New
Output 150 kg/h


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