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Introduction of Castor Seed Shelling Machine
This utility model relates to a processing machine for peeling off the shell of castor bean for oil pressing. The utility model is composed of a frame transmission part, a feeding device, a peeling device and a separating device. It is suitable for the processing of rural ramie after harvest, and it has the advantages of simple structure, reliable work and strong adaptability. The processed product meets the acquisition requirements and is easy to operate.
Castor Bean Shelling Machine
The castor bean shelling machine is composed of a frame, a fan, a shelling chamber, a feed hopper, and a discharge outlet. Since the working part of the shelling chamber is made of rubber, the purpose of removing the shell is achieved and the seed coat is not damaged.
Advantages of Automatic Ricinus Shelling Machine
The castor bean shelling machine belongs to the shelling technology field of agricultural machinery. The shelling part uses a conical double drum structure covered with a rubber layer with a large coefficient of friction. During the shelling process, the castor beans are rolled in the gap between the two rollers, and the shell are removed by rubbing. The machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high net removal rate, low crushing rate, simple structure and convenient operation, and is a better castor shelling machine.
Castor Seed Shelling Machine
Castor Bean Sheller
Structure and Working Principle of Castor Seed Shelling Machine
1. Structure: The machine is composed of feeding hopper, profile roller, shack concave plate, fan, gravity separation screen, and air blower. Simple and compact structure, simple operation, stable performance and good durability.
2. Working principle: Tea seed and castor bean seed are fed into the hopper by hand and rolled into the drum first. Due to the rotation between the pattern plate and the concave of the shed strip, the castor seed shell and kernel are peeled off. The tea seed kernels and shells pass through the holes of the front concave plate at the same time. When passing through the air channel, most of the castor seed shells are blown out of the machine by the wind, and a small part of unpeeled castor seed fruits fall into the specific gravity sorting screen together. After screening, the screen is sorted by the sorting screen and flows into the sack through the outlet of the rice. However, the small fruit of castor seed that has not been peeled is discharged from the screen surface, flows into the air blower through the discharge passage, and is sent by the air blower to the roller for the second time. Sub-shelling, and then sorting through the gravity separation sieve, can achieve all stripping.

Technical Data

Model GG600-B
Capacity 500-1000 kg/h
HP 2.2 kw/380 v
Shelling Rate 95%
Damage Rate Less than 3%
Dimension 2.1*1.0*1.5m
Weight 350 kg


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