Automatic Buckwheat Hulling Separating Machine Shelling Equipment

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This buckwheat hulling and separating machine is a patented product of our company's independent intellectual property rights and contains a number of national patents, applicable to the cleaning, grading, shelling, rice shell separation, and buckwheat rice sorting of various buckwheat varieties.
Automatic Buckwheat Hulling Machine
Introduction of Automatic Buckwheat Shelling Machine
The machine consists of two parts: the cleaning grading part and the shelling sorting unit. The two parts are independent and can be operated separately.
The buckwheat cleaning grading unit can clean the buckwheat raw materials to remove various impurities (large, small, light, heavy, pods, dust, etc.), and then divide the raw materials into 9 levels. The composition of the grading unit are feeding hopper, the multi-purpose eliminator, the bucket elevator, the grading machine and the control cabinet.
The buckwheat shelling and sorting unit can perform shelling, peeling, and unhulled grains separately for the 8 levels after classification (except for the smallest one), and can automatically return to the sheller for re-hulling. Since the shelling method is grading before shelling, so the shelling effect is good, the efficiency is high, and the whole rice rate is high.Shelling and sorting unit includes feeding hopper, hoist, shelling sorting host composition and control cabinet.
The buckwheat hulling and separating machine has the characteristics of high automation, continuous processing, high rice output rate, good peeling effect, etc. It is an ideal choice for processing buckwheat rice. Our company can also design and manufacture large-scale buckwheat processing production lines according to customers' needs.
Advantages of Automatic Buckwheat Hulling Machine
1. The buckwheat shelling machine adopts a reconcilable design, which can change the clearance according to the material conditions to achieve the ideal shelling effect.
2. The sieve is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, which is durable. The following elastic ball design reduces the scumming phenomenon.
3. Vibrating negative pressure sorter and screw unloader are easy to use. The collection of skin reduces the generation of dust.
4. The vibration source of the whole set of equipment is in the form of a vibration motor, easy to install.


Technical Data

Buckwheat Cleaning Grading Unit:
Power: 4.11 kilowatts (380 volts)
Raw material handling capacity: 1300-1600 kg/hour
Land area: 12 meters*1.5 meters
Installation height: 2.8 meters
Buckwheat Shelling and Sorting Unit:
Power: 9.84 kilowatts (380 volts)
Yield: Buckwheat rice 200 kg/hour
Rice rate: 72-75%
Whole rice rate: 98% or more (3/4 or less is broken rice)
Land area: 6 meters*3 meters
Installation height: 4.3 meters


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